Social Media sites are always changing and evolving. That’s part of the main reason we love them all so much. However, if you’re a marketer you know all too well that trying to keep up with all the different sizes of all the various areas on your social media sites can be a real pain in the butt!

That’s why I created a “cheat sheet” so to speak to make¬†my agency’s (and my own) life a lot easier. I’m happy to say I’ve put it together in infographic form to share with you all. Feel free to share and put this on any site you like, all I ask is that you keep the small image at the top of it. I even included the HTML code below the image for you to copy and put on your own websites with a simple paste. Now you can spend less time figuring out image sizes and more time on those networks with your true intention (liking cat pictures!) ūüôā

<img src=”” /></br>
Image Courtesy <a href=””>Gregory Ortiz Digital Marketing</a>

Just copy and paste all the code on the left and paste it into your site’s HTML area.