The weekend was cool, but today is one of my favorite days of the year.

Cyber Monday is the day I do all of my shopping for software, services, and pretty much anything else I’ve had my eye on, or have been wanting to try without getting too invested in it. My reasoning is that Cyber Monday is the last big day all of these businesses have to make a huge push of their products/services. So, I usually find (and often negotiate) better deals today than I would have for the holiday weekend. (Sidenote: a lot of places will still offer cyber Monday deals a couple of days after).

At around 6 am eastern today I finished and have been testing out each of them, and for some of them I felt I needed to share them with everyone else I know in marketing because it would greatly help most of them, and it literally costs me nothing to help other than send this email. As an added bonus I included a section titled Business Essentials that goes over the various software and tools I use to run my business. Some of them I wish I knew about when I first started (like bookkeeping).

Without further ado, here are the software/services I purchased for Cyber Monday and my feedback;

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Client Related Software & Services

Domain & Link Related Software & Services

Business Essentials

Books I’ve Read This Year

Client Related Software & Services

Client Reviews Software –

Why? – I absolutely love and everything about it. It essentially acts as a buffer between your client’s customers and the reviews they’d leave. It does this by contacting the customer (I recommend setup to contact via SMS and e-mail) right after your client has completed work. It asks them for a review and feedback.

Once they’ve filled it out, if they leave a review below the number of stars you want (I recommend it set to anything below 5 stars), it will thank them for their time and forward over the reviews to you so you can do some digging into. If they leave a 5 star review, it then forwards them over to the platform of your choice (they have over 15 to choose from) and then the customer can leave that review there. Helping to ensure that your clients are getting as many positive reviews as possible and potentially preventing negative reviews from occurring. In my personal opinion, if you have a local client, this is your new staple.

I negotiated with one of the owners on special pricing for myself and he agreed I can share it with my friends. Click Here To Get

Client Management & Reporting – Serped Agency

I’ve nicknamed this the real MVP. Truth be told, I snagged this about 2 Cyber Monday’s ago and it’s one of the tools used every single day when it comes to clients. I was super apprehensive about even talking about it because it’s one of the things that sets my agency apart from others. However, it’s way too good to not let my friends know. All I ask is that you don’t go telling even more people (how else are we going to look way ahead of everyone else? :D).

The non agency version of Serped alone is worth it’s weight in gold, and the agency version gives your clients a custom portal to log into that has all of your branding, and really makes your agency look truly professional. It’s hard to keep track of the number of clients that say how amazing the dashboard is for them. To top it off it’s run by Colin Klinkert, who is by far one of the best I know in our industry when it comes to software and someone I’ve known for years. His stuff is always top notch and this is by far the one tool I don’t know how to run an agency without.

Colin was awesome enough to create a coupon for all my friends to use. Just click here for Serped Agency

Client’s Maps – Local Viking

We all know how important it is to ensure our clients have the best success possible in the maps. This is where Local Viking comes into play. They’re hands down my favorite source to do most things GMB related and is essential to my Agency. Nate was generous enough to create a 40% off coupon for 3 months (they didn’t even run a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal!). Use the coupon code lv40at3mo and click here to sign up to local viking.

Client Citations

I’ve been this service provider since 2018. They’ve adjusted their pricing to reflect Cyber Monday and stated they’d keep it that way most likely for a few days after as well. In my opinion, if you have a client you’re trying to rank on maps you need to use this service. You can get it by clicking here.

Business Essentials

These are the staples that I use in my business and recommend all (and particularly) new businesses use. Note: These are the products I use, I am not an attorney, accountant, or anything else. These are just my opinions on the best things to use since I personally use them.

Payroll – Gusto

The entire purpose of running your business is to make money. Therefore you should be running payroll to pay yourself. For this, I’ve been using Gusto for the better part of 5 years now and highly recommend it for businesses with 1 or 10,000 employees. They’re also currently running an awesome promotion. After you run your first payroll they send you a $100 visa gift card. You can signup for gusto by clicking here.

Bookkeeping – Bench

Bookkeeping was something I overlooked in the beginning. I regretted it a lot due to the work I had to do to get things in order. Ever since then I’ve used Bench and haven’t looked back. I have no idea how they’re as cheap as they are for what they do, but I’ve used them for about 6 years now and my business can’t function without them. To Join Bench Click Here

Profit First

Even though the next section is on books I read this year, this is one book I re-read every year. The concept of Profit first has literally changed the entire way I ran my business. Previously I ran my business the way I thought it should logically be managed regarding finances. However, I quickly learned that my way and what most people think is “common sense” is not reality. If you do anything at all on this entire page, I couldn’t recommend reading profit first enough. Do yourself a favor and do it. You can pick up Profit First by Mike Michalowicz by clicking here.

Books I’ve Read This Year

2021 was a year I didn’t get to do as much reading as I normally like to do. However, I did get to read some really good books this year as well as re-read some great ones. I’m happy to share this list with you.

Profit First – Mike Michalowicz

If you didn’t read the previous section, I recommend this book above all else. I re-read it yearly and it was one of the biggest things to transform my business. Do yourself a favor and get it. Click Here To Get Profit First.

Start With Why – Simon Sinek

Start With Why is a great approach before taking on any new venture. I come back to this book when I’m planning a new business idea time and time again. Click Here To Get Start With Why

Good To Great – Jim Collins

If your business has at least 1 employee besides yourself, then this is a fantastic read. It can help you gain perspective on different management styles and help you adjust your own for the better. Get Good To Great By Clicking Here.