Top Konker Gigs and Jobs

This is a list of my personal favorite Konker Gigs / Jobs that I use in my agency every single month (most of them weekly).

PBN Setup – This my personal all time preferred gig for getting my PBNs built for me.

Article Writing – This is who I trust to write all the articles for every single one of my PBNs

Social Signals – My “go to” for every new money site I create. I send social signals to them using this gig.

Purchase PBNs – My personal gig for purchasing PBNs

Local Citations – I use this gig to get local citations on any new listing I want in Google My Business.

Google Entity Stacking – I use this gig on every money site I have as part of it’s foundational links.


Interested in getting your gig listed above? The only way I’ll even consider your gig is if you have at least an overall 4.8 rating and at least 100 completed transactions for that particular gig.
If and only if you meet this criteria Please reach out to me via facebook via Private Message so we can discuss.

Note: I get at least 100+ new messages a day so be patient if you don’t hear back from me within the first few days.

P. S. If you ever see a gig on Konker that says it’s recommended by me and it’s not on the list above, then that would mean they are in fact not recommended by me.